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01/03/2012 - 01/04/2012 | Saint Martin (Française) France | 4 articles Flux RSS | 8 photos Flux RSS

Sint Maarten Trips !

Hello everybody !
Welcome to my travel blog, where I'm going to tell you my stay in Saint martin, and my discovery of this incredible island, a paradis destination i decided to go for 1 month ...

I discovered the French side of the islands with these multiple beach, shop, and are rated very atipique Creole ... Dutch side are very "Americanized", with a lot of nightclub and casino

Why that destination?
March 1, I decided to skipped the step to join my best friend.

The best memory of this trip?
The white beaches , the delicious Creole restaurant, meeting with the people, the surfer (lol) ...

The worst memory?
the mosquito. lol

Places advised?
The beach of Grand Case, very typical and tropical ..
'' Lolo'' the restaurant, the real Creole restaurant
Happy Bay beach, a desert beach is 20 minutes on foot but beautiful place.
Diving has Pinel Island
The Zoo
The butterfly farm

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